Can a Lifetime Political Hack Make it in the Vintage Clothing Business?

My lifelong twin passions are politics and vintage fashion.

My love of politics began at age 9 when I won my first election (for class Treasurer) and later, when I won my first city-wide campaign at 21. My passion for vintage fashion began as a buyer for a Chicago based clothing store, where I built a clientele selling and styling the nonbinary community of New Town Chicago. 

While pursuing my dueling passions I worked as an Accounting Supervisor and HR Specialist for a Fortune 500 Company, jobs my parents thought to be more "practical."  I also went back to college to earn a degree. (I know, ass-backwards, right?), and at age 28 my destiny in politics got underway. 

I worked for 15 years on the Hill and another 25 years as owner of my own political Consulting firm. All the while I continued to collect and wear EVEN MORE vintage clothing. Politics became much more difficult to enjoy in recent years, so I decided to look elsewhere for work doing something joyful and fun -- and Lipstick Girl Vintage was born!

Come along on my journey with Lipstick Girl to find if a long-time political hack can make the transition to vintage stylist and entrepreneur through the creation of Lipstick Girl.

I'm always thrifting and sourcing and wearing vintage, focused on making vintage accessible to the nonbinary community, and totally dedicated to sourcing vintage clothing for human-sized bodies. Our warehouse is jam-packed with gorgeous, even museum quality, pieces that we can show to interested buyers privately.

Even though most of my inventory isn't online, you can search and view hundreds of examples of what Lipstick Girl has to offer and preview the in-depth knowledge of history and styling I have for every article of clothing I sell.  You can search our store by Designer Name, Era (60s, 70s, 80s, etc.), style and PLEASE, reach out if you can't find just what you're looking for.  I do a ton of personal styling and sourcing for specific clients and events, and I welcome all inquiries for specific items.

Our clothes have been featured on the TV show "Pose," in theater companies across the US (including the NYC theater scene), scooped up by super high end vintage shops like What Goes Around Comes Around and our garments are in the hands of major stylists for movies and other television shows, most recently Saturday Night Live.

Follow Lipstick Girl for fantastic clothes and advance notice of sales and follow the work of our incredible Social Media Developer and Stylist, Mary Victoria, AND all the wonderful people who are helping make this all happen!

Love, Diane


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